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Spam Text Messages and Phishing

Remain educated on the latest types of fraud.

Fraudsters will send fake text messages with the goal to engage you in some way and gain your personal information. With spam text messages, fraudsters are waiting on a reply and/or hoping you will click a link. Links can infect your device with malware or connect you with fraudulent websites or call centers in attempts to gather your personal information.

How to Recognize a SPAM TEXT

  1. Spelling mistakes and typos
  2. Suspicious links
  3. A prompt to call a number
  4. Action to opt in or out
  5. Promise of gifts or prizes
  6. Reference to a problem with a charge to a well known and commonly used merchant
  7. The message may require immediate action
  8. If you respond to a text, you may receive a call from a scammer further attempting to exploit your information

Please keep in mind that a reference to a company in a text doesn’t make that message trustworthy. When in doubt, contact that company directly.

Here is an example of a SPAM TEXT: