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Privacy Policy

What does St Pius x Federal Credit Union do with your personal information?

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires financial institutions to disclose their Privacy Policy. This policy lets our members know what we do with our member lists.

At SPXFCU we know that trust and Christian values are the foundation of our members’ relationship with us. We understand the need and desire of our members to have information regarding their personal finances kept confidential. SPXFCU has always maintained a strict policy regarding the protection of our members’ information. This policy, explained below, details how we use information from and regarding our members, how we keep it private and when information can or must be shared by us.

SPXFCU and its employees and volunteers will, within strict guidelines, keep secure any information you share with us. Access to members’ information (this includes individuals who are cosigners for loans, credit cards, etc.) by employees and volunteers will be reasonably limited to those employees that have a business reason for such access. Employees who do not follow these guidelines will be subject to a disciplinary review, and the status of the volunteer will be reevaluated.

We will collect, retain and use information about you only when we believe it necessary or useful in order to conduct our business. SPXFCU collects information from member identification cards, loan applications (including credit card applications and internet applications), credit reports and other types of customer service applications (i.e. debit card applications).

We will share information regarding you with third parties only when, in our judgment, either a) you have authorized the sharing of the information, b) we have previously informed you in the form of disclosures that we will share the information, c) we are compelled by law or a valid court order to do so, d) we have entered into an agreement with a third party for support services (in which case the third party will also agree to maintain the confidentiality of our members’ information.)

SPXFCU does not share or sell member lists to third parties for marketing purposes. SPXFCU may share information with its affiliates within the limits of the applicable law.

We will attempt to keep our members’ information as up-to-date as possible and we encourage our members to bring any errors in their information to our immediate attention.

Any information provided to SPXFCU through our website, and this includes transactions which take place using the Internet, will follow the above privacy regulations. Our website is protected using SSL encryption.

Privacy Policy