The credit union will be closed Sunday and Monday (5/26 & 5/27). We have scheduled parking lot maintenance and sealing this upcoming weekend. The drive-thru loop will be temporarily closed Friday at 2pm until Saturday Morning. The main parking lot will be temporarily closed from Friday at 2pm until Sunday.

Check out These Essential Tips to Safeguard Yourself Against Fraud

As your trusted credit union, we want to keep you informed about the latest fraud trends and help you stay vigilant in protecting your financial well-being.   Stay informed, stay vigilant, and together, we’ll combat fraud effectively.

Fraudsters are now using our phone number to deceive members into revealing personal information. Always verify the caller’s identity, especially if they request any sensitive details.

We will never ask for your PIN or card numbers over the phone or via email. If anyone requests this information, it’s likely a scam. Hang up immediately and report it to us.

Some fraudsters exploit members information who they know have obtained replacement cards. They do so by circling back to trick members into revealing their card numbers for a second time. If you receive a replacement card, activate it securely and never share its details with anyone.

Regularly change your online banking passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and monitor your account activity. Report any suspicious transactions promptly.

Be cautious when sharing personal information online or over the phone. Fraudsters often use various social engineering tactics to manipulate victims. Trust your instincts and always verify before divulging any details.

Stay informed about the latest types of frauds and scams and share with your family and friends to protect them as well.