Scams are on the rise. Please review the news section on our website for the latest details.

The credit union will never contact you asking for personal information, account access information or asking you to change your card pin number.

Top 3 Current Fraud Trends in 2024

We are seeing a rise in fraudsters trying to exploit your personal information.

Caller ID SpoofingSpoofing is when a scammer disguises their phone number to seem like they are calling from a trusted source, like the Credit Union. Text messages, and/or telephone calls purportedly from a legitimate company or individual requesting personal, financial, and/or login credentials are common approaches.
PhishingPhishing is a deceptive tactic used by fraudsters who craft emails and text messages that appear to come from trusted sources like banks, credit card companies, etc. These messages typically tell a compelling story to trick you into clicking on links or opening email attachments.
Account Takeover FraudYou may experience a “pop-up” on your computer, or someone may call you. They may say they’re from a well-known company like Microsoft or Apple, or your internet provider. They tell you there are viruses or malware on your computer, and you’ll have to allow them remote access to your computer or pay to have it fixed. Once inside your computer, they may gain access to your bank accounts, investments, contacts, etc.

Scammers use any means they can to trick members into sharing personal information:

  • Scam phone calls or voicemails that impersonate tech support.
  • Fake promotions that offer free (or reduced priced) products and prizes.
  • Unwanted calendar invitations, subscriptions, warranties, and debt relief.
  • Notifications that require urgent attention can be key indicators of a scam.

Protect your accounts, including your Debit and Credit card numbers.

  • Only share account and card numbers with trusted websites.
  • Ridiculously cheap merchandise may be promoted on fraudulent websites.
  • Sign-up for online access to regularly check account balances and activity.

Stay informed about the latest types of frauds and scams and share with your family and friends to protect them as well.

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