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(888) 347-0724

It's Quick! Just pick up a touch-tone telephone.  One call does it all!
It's Convenient! No matter where you are, you can access your accounts, day or night, 7 days a week.
It's Easy! A voice prompt will guide you through the entire process.
It's Confidential! Conduct your transactions from the privacy of your home or office.

With one quick toll-free call you can:

  • Request account balance and activity information
  • Find out if a check has been paid, or which checks have cleared through your account
  • Verify deposits or withdrawals, ATM/Debit transactions
  • Verify interest paid to your savings account
  • Transfer funds between checking, savings, and line of credit accounts
  • Request payment and balance information on installment loans, lines of credit, mortgage loans

How To Use AnswerPlus

Menu Tree
The menu tree is useful for new or infrequent callers to perform transactions they need. From the main menu, there are three primary branches: Inquiries, Transfers and Withdrawals, and Credit Union Information. Selecting any branch will list the possible transactions available. From any branch or subsequent menu, pressing 0 will generally return you to the previous menu.

AnswerPlus (888) 347-0724
Main Menu
Dial 1 Dial 2 Dial 3
Inquiries Transfers / Withdrawals Office Information
1 - Checking or Savings
2 - Share Certificate
3 - Loan
0 - Main Menu
1 - Share Transfer
2 - Loan Payment
3 - Advance from LOC
4 - Visa Payment
5 - Withdrawal by Check
0 - Main Menu
1 - Office Hours
2 - Share Rates
3 - Certificate Rates
4 - Loan Rates
0 - Main Menu
Dial 4 Leave Message
Dial 6 Change PIN Code
Dial 0 Exit

Entering Currency
Currency is entered by using the star (*) key as the decimal. For instance, if you wish to enter $275.30, you would enter 275*30 on your touch tone phone.

Confirming Transactions
In general, the # key is used to confirm a transaction, and the * key to cancel.

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